1/48 Luftwaffe. Kits, resin, decals and books.

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1/48 Luftwaffe. Kits, resin, decals and books.

Postby TimB » Fri Nov 20, 2020 11:01 am

Hi All,

The COVID lockdown in SA has allowed me to update my list of sale items. Price negotiable on everything. Take a look. Lots of goodies.


Jagdwaffe: Volume Three Section 1: Strike in the Balkans $20
Jagdwaffe: Volume One Section 3: Blitzkrieg and Sitzkrieg $20
Jagdwaffe: Volume One Section 4: Attack in the West $20

Osprey: Modelling the Bf110 $10
Osprey: Modelling the Focke Wulf 190 $10
Osprey: Modelling the Bf109 B/C/D/E $10
Osprey: Modelling the Bf109F and Early G series $10


OWL decals
D48004 Die Nachtjager $10
D48012 Die Nachtjager-Asse $25
R48001 Fw190A-8 Night fighter $5
R48002 Fw190A-6 Night fighter $5

LF Models
C4807 Bf109E Romanian $5

48-456 Birth of the Luftwaffe $10
48-367 Fw190D $10
48-022 Fw190 National Insignias $10
48-686 Rammjager Fw-190s $10
48-476 Butcher Birds Fw-190s $10
48-227 Bf-190s of JG 53 $10
48-514 Attack in the West Bf109s $10
48-582 Battle of Britain Bf-109s $10
48-590 Battle of Britain Bf-109s $10

Third Group
48-056 Mistel $10
48-042 Bf109s F2/G6 $10

Eagle Strike
48-027 Focke Wulf 190 Pt 1 $10
48-230 Fw190s Defence of the Reich $10
48-232 Fw190s Defence of the Reich $10
48-121 Bf109s of the Balkans $10
48-088 Jg-1 Butcher Birds Fw-190 $10

Eagle Cals
EC89 Fw190s Jg300 $10
EC 9 Jg 5 Eismeer Fw190s $10
EC50 Hans Hahn Pt 1 Bf 109s $10
EC26 Bf109 G-10s

48-789 Junkers Ju88 $10
48-760 Bf109F Aces $10
48-776 Bf109F-4 Aces $10

Three Guys Replicas
TGR48005 Ju87B Stukas including snake head markings $15

PPD48-201 Spanish 109s $10

48009 Dornier Do-17z-2 $10
48813 Junkers Ju88A-4 $12
48016 Bf109F-2 $10
48026 Bf110D $10
48049 Bf110C $10

Cutting Edge
CED48046 Bf110Gs Pt 2 $10
CED48040 Swiss Bf109s $15

KD480IFD Fw190D9 and D11 $20

1/48 Dragon Me 262s

Dragon 5507-1 Me262-1a/Jabo
Comes with 2 Verlinden seats and 2 resin cockpit panels
Not in original box
Was $30 now $25

Dragon 5523-01 Me262A-1a/U4 Bomber Interceptor
The one with the big gun!
Schatton Modellbau 50mm cannon
Ultracast resin seat
True Details Wheels
Cutting Edge dropped slat set in resin
Was $50 now $40

Dragon 5529-01 Me262A-2a/U2 ‘glass nose’
Comes with:
E-Z Masks for 2 kits
CMK resin engine
True Details Wheels
Ultracast resin seat
Was $45 now $35

Dragon 5515-01 Me262A-1a Nachtjager
Eduard Zoom cockpit set Fe-107
CMK resin armament set (resin guns and compartment)
Verlinden resin flaps
Ultracast resin seat
Was $45 now $35

2 x Hobbycraft Bf109G14
Comes with Aires resin cockpit
$20 each, $35 for both

2 x Dragon Fw-190A-8
Comes with Cutting Edge cockpit
$30 each or $50 for both

1/48 aircraft package deals

Hobbycraft Bf109G-3/4
Aires resin cockpit
Eduard mask set
CMK Resin Hermann Graf pilot figure
$35 now $20

Promodeller 5933 Bf 110-G-4
Cutting Edge conversion kit 48045
Montex Masks 48104
EZ Masks for Bf110
Eduard FE310 interior set
Eduard 48192 interior and exterior set
Aeromaster 148021 Bf110 stencils
Schatton Modellbau 48163 FuG220 aerials
$125 now $90 and now $80 NOW $75

Hasegawa JT48 Bf109G-14
Aires resin cockpit
Eagle Parts 22-48 Resin battery box cover
Eagle Parts 21-48 Resin fuel tank and mount
MDC resin night fighter instrument panel

Hasegawa JT48 Bf109G-14
Aires resin cockpit
Cutting Edge resin instrument panel

Hasegawa 09521 Bf109F-6/U Galland
Extra Instructions and decals for JT173 Bf109F-4
True Details resin wheels
Verlinden resin bomb and bomb rack
Teknics photo-etched set
Aires resin cockpit
Superscale decals 48-424

Hasegawa JT63 Bf109 K
Aires cockpit
True Details resin wheels
Cutting Edge Bf109K instrument panel
Ultracast 109K propeller blades

Hasegawa JT173 Bf109F-4
Aires resin cockpit.
Verlinden ‘long bomb rack’

Fujimi J-4 Bf109G-10
FM details resin engine and cockpit details

Hasegawa 09579 Bf109F ‘Trauloft’
Aires resin cockpit
Eduard masks

Hasegawa 09645 Fieseler and Skoda FiSk199
True Details resin wheels
Adeco/MDC resin cockpit
https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegaw ... 99--115204

Hasegawa JT29 Bf109 G-2
Adeco/MDC resin cockpit
Ultracast wheels
Gartex (Hasegawa offshoot company) decals,resin,metal parts to make ‘V-Tail’ conversion.
https://www.scalemates.com/kits/gartex- ... il--179386

Hasegawa 09303 Bf109G-4 Hartmann
Aires resin cockpit
No bags

Hasegawa 09287 Bf109G-6 Nachtjager
MDC resin cockpit
Ultracast wheels
Eagle Parts drop tank and mount

Hasegawa JT-27 Bf109G-6
Aires resin cockpit

Hasegawa JT64 Bf109G-10
Adeco/MDC resin cockpit
Ultracast propeller blades
Eagle Parts battery box cover
True Details wheels
Tally Ho Avia C-10 / S-99 decails
https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tally-h ... i--1224287

Hasegawa JT26 Bf109F2
Aires resin cockpit
E-Z masks vinyl masks (2 kits worth)
True Details wheels

Tamiya 63 Bf109E-4/7 trop (in a Hasegawa box)
Aires cockpit
Cutting Edge instrument panel (enough for 2 kits)
Ultracast propeller blades
Ultracast wheels
Has partial Hasegawa sheet and instructions to mark other trop aircraft

Academy 2202 Avia S-199
AML Resin Propellers and spinner
AML Mezek part 2 decals for 2 aircraft
AML Resin machine gun bulges
Aires resin cockpit
Squadron vacform canopies x 2 bulged and standard
Quickboost exhaust
Tally-Ho Avia S-199 stencils
Tally Ho Avia S-199 ‘The Mule’ decals
https://www.scalemates.com/kits/aml-aml ... ii--981356

Cyberhobby (Dragon) 5561 Bf110D Nachtjager
Comes with:
Eduard FE494 cockpit details
Quickboost resin oil tanks
Quickboost resin radio equipment

Eduard 8203 Bf110E
Comes with:
Quickboost exhausts
Quickboost gun barrels

1/48 Aircraft

RV Resin 48001 Focke Wulf Ta152C-0 Full kit, not conversion. $70 now $50
Special Hobby 48189 Bucker Bu181 Bestman $30 now $20
Classic Airframes Bf109 C/D $50 now $40
Classic Airframes Bf109 D $50 now $40
Classic Airfraces BF109 A $95 now $60
CMK Me-163 resin cockpit and EZ Me-163 canopy masks (2 aircraft) $10 for both
Hasegawa JT26 Bf109F-2 $20
Hasegawa JT48 Bf109G-14 $20
Hasegawa JT64 Bf109G-10 $20
Hasegawa 09785 Bf109G-6 JG77 $20
Hasegawa 09755 Fw-190A-5 and BMW 327 $40
Cyberhobby (Dragon) 5556 Bf110D-1/R1 Dackelbauch $50
Cyberbobby (Dragon) 5555 Bf110D-3 $50
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Re: 1/48 Luftwaffe. Kits, resin, decals and books.

Postby Mark A » Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:40 am

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