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Modelling Revisited

Postby RobbieB » Fri Sep 25, 2020 9:35 am

Hello, I have just joined the forum and have restarted my plastic modelling hobby after a gap of around 60 years. Things have sure changed a bit, but I am finding information and advice from various sources very helpful. My first model will be a Pegasus Hurricane as it was suggested I kick-off with a no-glue model. After that I am basically recreating the old Airfix aircraft models I did as a kid including the following 1/48 kits which I have acquired:

Tamiya - Spitfire, Mosquito and Me109
Revell - Sopwith Camel
Eduard - Fokker D.1

The above should keep me busy for a while and while waiting for the Pegasus kit I am gradually getting the various tools and equipment I will need. I live in Perth and hopefully there is somebody on this forum who can suggest some good Hobby shops in the area? Although they seem to be few and far between!

Finally a question regarding varnish/lacquer. Can somebody tell me if you apply this before and after decals? Also would you use gloss or matt? I also see that there also a “decal liquid” you might apply?
I am planning to hand paint initially, although I might invest in an airbrush down the track if things go well.

Thanks in advance and any other tips, guidance or advice will be welcome.
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Re: Modelling Revisited

Postby Dave W » Fri Sep 25, 2020 10:53 am

Hi Robbie

Welcome back to the hobby! As a long time brush painter my first advice is don't be swayed by all the whizzo aftermarket extras and shiny airbrushes that you will be bombarded with from all corners. Brush painting is an art in itself so don't feel it's "less" than airbrushing.

Focus on the basics and get well grounded. It's your hobby so you can decide what you want and/ or need. One thing about the hobby that's not so nice is the sometimes fanatical obsession with "accuracy" for tiny detail, often pushed by people who don't actually make models but only talk about them. Just focus on what you want to do and what level you are happy and comfortable with.

The best paints for brush work depend on whether you go enamel or acrylic. I have changed to acrylic and for brush work Humbrol acrylic and Vallejo Model Color are the best to start with. Invest in some good quality sable or similar brushes.

For decals you need a gloss surface to put decals on then a matt/satin over coat. Vallejo and Microscale have these products.

Mail order is your friend if you have no shop nearby. BNA Model World, Metro Hobbies, Hearns Hobbies and Frontline are all highly recommended but there may be others in WA closer to you.

If you are returning to the hobby you may want to practice on some cheaper/ pre owned kits before buying new models. Marketplace here at Aussie Modeller and Modelnerds online are just two excellent sources of pre-owned/ cheaper kits and some great bargains can be had, also there are Australian buy/ sell groups on Facebook.

Above all, just enjoy the hobby and have fun. At the end of the day we are just making little plastic toys that make us old men happy! I have learnt not to over-think what is supposed to be a fun and relaxing activity.


Dave Wilson
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Dave W
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Re: Modelling Revisited

Postby bell209 » Fri Sep 25, 2020 11:08 am


While I airbrush all my models, I look on in awe at some of the brush-painted results I've seen here and at Britmodeller which far surpass my efforts. Everyone has their favourite clear coats but for someone returning to the hobby, you may find the spray cans of clear coats easier to use. I personally use Future for all my clear coats, so I'm not best to advise which to use but many others will be able to help. I also suggest you spend some time cruising through the old posts of members' models to see how we've attacked various issues. Britmodeller's 'Work in Progress' forum pages are also handy for this (although you do need to cut through some superfluous chat in most topics!)

I can only Dave's comments - this is supposed to be fun. If you're idea of fun is a purple Spitfire with Sparrow missiles hanging from it - fill your boots! I may not like it but I'll appreciate the effort required to make it.

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Re: Modelling Revisited

Postby Dave Brewer » Fri Sep 25, 2020 11:40 am

Dave was too modest to mention it,but the forum he runs is the place to go before starting your Camel.
Cheers,and welcome!
Dave Brewer
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